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    A complex series of lessons starting from the very beginning of pigmentology. In this course you will learn everything you need to know starting from the basic colour theory, skin colours and undertones, important pigment qualities as well as what’s necessary for successful colour correction and how to choose a colour that will compliment the skin. During this course you will also learn how to determine the right pigments for your client for different face areas: brows, eyelids and lips. Various videos, tests and quizzes will help you check if understood everything the right way. Gain very important pigmentology knowledge and improve your skills today!

    This course will get you through everything you need to know before you will start practicing PMU makeup. Gain with us the essential knowledge and check yourself with tests and quizzes. During classes you will learn about PMU history, how to follow sanitary rules and how to interview client with consultation form. Get ready for your first procedure with us!

    The Everlasting PMU training curriculum represents the latest advances and knowledge in the world of Permanent Makeup and cosmetic tattooing. Whether you are a beginner in the industry or you're continuing your learning isn't imperative. Our PMU module has been created to introduce both working artists and beginners to Everlasting way of permanent cosmetics and this class is our absolute signature stamp. The classes will lead you through the whole PMU proceeder, form brow mapping, choosing blade and pigment through eyebrow shapes, patterns and different techniques. 

    The best course to start with if you are new to Microblading or want to refresh the basic theory and test your knowledge. Step by step you will follow the course and learn about skin, pigmentation to better understand what happens during the procedure on your client's skin. You will also learn what eyebrow patterns are and how to practice them. Later in the course you will see how the treatment should look like. We have prepared worksheets, videos, tests and quizzes to help you learn. Join this course today and become one of the best Microblading Artists! 

    The best way to start your journey with PMU is with our PMU All Modules Intro Course. It was created to bring you all the knowledge before you will start to learn about specific PMU classes like Eybrows or Lips. Here you have condensed knowledge about Safety, Hygiene, Consultation with Clients and Basic Anatomy. Anything that best PMU Artist should know in order to provide a good service for heir Client. Follow our brochures, presentations, quiz and learn the basics. Be more confident and well prepared for our classes at locations. 

    This course will get you through everything You need to know about PMU eyeliner. If You want to give Your clients the best results remember about precise and follow the good technique which You will learn here. Procedure items, technique and aftercare are one of the classes you will have. Good foundation to expand your treatment offerings with PMU eyeliner!

    Everlasting PMU lip module covers everything You need to know about treatments on lips. Our course will prepare you to choose pigment for different lip colors, what effect can you achieve depending on the client. Are you interested in latest trends in PMU lips? Great! We will teach You the difference between aquarelle lips and bubble lip. We have prepared worksheets, videos, tests and quizzes to help you learn. Seat your journey with the PMU lips today!

    Do you want to shorten your time on brow mapping and be sure it’s done perfectly every time? This course is made for You! In the full version of Brow Mapping you will get work book and a quiz checking your knowledge and a bonus at the end of the course. To addition to an Express Class this Module has more tricks and tips ;) Join the class, practice and become mapping master!

    Have you heard about Everlasting Signature Brow Mapping ? During this course we will let you know what the success of this method is based on. Learn from our workbook, practice and check out the video of Monika Ludwiczak doing her signature mapping. Quick and easy way to learn new skill!